Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blankets 3-9

The rest of this memoir I felt was really well depicted. I personally like the scene where he makes a reference to Socrates and the shadows of "reality". Throughout the entire book the use of shadows continued to be a very dominant trait to the illustrations however Raina very rarely unless she was blushing, sick, or high almost never had any kind of lines on her face. This is completely opposite to almost every other character that Thompson created. There's a few things I don't quite understand, like who painted over Craig's art in Raina's room? Was it Raina or her father? The only real part of this story that I didn't like all that much was the ending; it didn't really have too much closer and I like that in a book.

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kelsey said...

I like your observation about RAina having no lines or shadows on her face. I noticed that as well it makes her look pure wich is waht i think drew the author in to fall in love with her. Also I was dissapointed with the ending as well. It just leeft me with out any questions answered.